Helpers App

NOTE: If using this as deployed on Azure, the app and database assume a single user at a time.

Get Sample Data page just gets some data generated upon request, not using databasebr
Setup Db page will generate and refresh the data in the Databse

See Entity Framework Core functionality on Add Data pages.
Demonstrates CRUD operations in the Helpers App context.


In this version of the app can add new Activties with a new Helper, Round No and Task.
  • For Add Data the new activity is in-memory only.
    Change to Add Data 2 and its not there.
  • For Add Data DbSave it is added to the database along with the new Round and Helper.
    Change to Add Data 1 and it's still there.


Includes Cascade delete and other features.
  • Note that deletion of a Round deletes any activity in that round ... Cascade Delete
  • Whereas deletion of a Helper does not delete an activity that that Helper has volunteered for.
    It nulls that entry in the activity.


  • Can action various styles of updates:
    • Send a changed property (value or entity) and entity Id,
    • Update and submit the changed entity.
    • Change the entity properties in client and submit but copy the properties to the entity instance in the service.

Database context Updates

  • Can toggle whether with db changes, context save changes and state has changed are applied
  • Can experiment with whether they are required. See Stup Db
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